Frequently Asked Questions

  • The average family-size fridge is about 350-450 litres, including the fridge and freezer sections.
  • Narrow and single-door fridges can be under 200 litres and need to be carefully checked to confirm eligibility.
  • Bar fridges are much smaller than 200 litres and are not eligible for the program.
  • You might be able to verify the fridge or freezer size by looking at the name of the fridge/freezer on the door (eg the numbers in the name: Frigidaire 360, Kelvinator 280 or General Electric 10, these refer to the size in litres or cubic feet. 7.06 cubic feet is equivalent to 200L).
  • Alternatively, look for the manufacturer’s label, which is often found just inside the door (look for the phrase “Gross Volume” or “Total Capacity”). If you cannot find any indications of the size, you will need to provide the internal dimensions (INTERNAL height, width and depth) of both the fridge and freezer compartments separately for us to calculate the internal volume.
Yes, up to three appliances per household that meet the eligibility criteria can be collected. If you are eligible, you will receive a rebate per appliance. A separate Terms Form must be completed for each appliance.
  • The collection is free and the rebate payable as long as the removal does not involve going up or down more than 6 stairs.
  • If there are between 7 to 20 stairs to go up or down the collection is still free but no rebate is payable.
  • If there are 21+ stairs collection can be arranged for a fee but no rebate is paid.

The removalists have the right to refuse to collect your fridge or freezer if they judge the removal to be unsafe or not feasible.

We collect eligible upright freezers only. Unfortunately we do not collect chest freezers (chest freezers have the door on the top).
Your fridge will be collected by KK Technical Services ( KK Technical Services have supported Fridge Buyback since it began in 2006. They are experienced removalists and specialise  in moving fragile and large equipment. They will have Fridge Buyback identification.
It is your responsibility to make the appliance safe prior to collection. On the day before collection:

  • Remove any food and drink, then unplug and defrost the appliance but drawers and shelving can remain in the appliance
  • Empty any drip trays in the appliance as this is very important in order to protect your flooring
  • Remove any obstacles from around the appliance that would make removal difficult.
Please let us know well in advance and we can arrange an alternative collection date.

If our removalists turn up and are unable to make the collection due to your absence or if you cancel on the day of your scheduled collection, you will not receive the rebate when you re-book.

Fridge Buyback currently collects from:

  • Most parts of Metropolitan Sydney and urban areas of;
  • The Illawarra
  • The Shoalhaven
  • The Central Coast
  • The Blue Mountains
  • The Hunter, including Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Singleton, Cessnock.

Fridge Buyback does not currently collect appliances  in some rural areas of the regions above. Call us to discuss your situation and we will endeavour to provide a solution for you.

Yes, the fridges and freezers are sent for metal recycling.
The gases are shipped to Melbourne for safe destruction by Refrigerant Claim Australia. The gases (CFC’s and HCFCs) are extracted from the appliances and stored in cylinders which are then destroyed in an environmentally responsible manner.
When the appliance is collected, please hand your completed Terms Form to our removalists, or if you are not home, leave it in the appliance.

If you are eligible for a rebate, you will receive it in the form of a cheque.  This happens once we have received the completed paper work from you and received verification your fridge has been recycled. This process normally takes up to three weeks. If you do not receive your cheque within this period, please contact us.

Fridge Buyback operates under the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme. The Energy Savings Scheme’s main objective is to assist households and businesses in reducing their electricity use and costs.
Next Energy is an advisor to government, industry and environmental groups. Fridge Buyback is a trading name of Next Energy.
It has to be in working order and in regular use, but not be the main fridge/freezer at the address listed i.e. there have been two or more working fridges/freezers that have been operating on your home electricity account for some time. Examples include a garage or drinks fridge.