Galston Community News

To celebrate the 10th Earth Hour Hornsby Shire Council is offering an extra incentive to get rid of your old second fridge or upright freezer – you’ll go into the draw to win one of four Bunning Gift Cards worth $50.

The Leader Newspaper

"It costs an average of $300 a year to power your spare fridge. And if you are not using it, that’s money down the drain,” Bayside Council Administrator Greg Wright

Hornsby Earth Hour

Thanks Hornsby Council for running this Fridge Buyback campaign in conjunction with Earth Hour.

Hornsby Advocate – 3000th Fridge

Hornsby Mayor Steve Russel celebrated the 3000th fridge collected by Hornsby Residents. That's over $900'000 in annual energy savings and enough recycled metal to construct 6 train carriages!

Maitland Mercury

New collection runs were scheduled in Maitland, with over 660 fridges and upright freezers collected from residents so far.

Lake Macquarie

Choice Australia

Residents in NSW and the ACT are being encouraged to offload old fridges and freezers that are sucking up energy, with a fridge buyback scheme that offers free pick up and a rebate – and recycles your fridge to boot. Click here to read the full story.

Hills Shire Times

By October 2015 Hills Shire council resident's had recycled 3500 fridges, saving over $1 million of electricity and recycling 310 tonnes of metal, which is equivalent to six railway carriages.


There are an estimated 7,114 second fridges in the Shellharbour local government area. Fridge Buyback’s regular collection runs make it easy to dispose of your second fridge and reduces illegal dumping.

In the Cove

According to Lane Cove Council, there are 2400 second fridges in their Council area that are costing their owners a lot to run and are polluting the ozone. Click here to read the full article.