10 Foods that Don’t Belong in the Fridge.

Did you know that some vegetables, fruits and foods actually keep better and have an improved flavour when stored at room temperature, rather than in a cold fridge?

This includes tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, coffee, garlic and more. By placing these in your cupboard or fruit bowl, you’ll free up some shelf space and enjoy tastier foods. Click here to read on..

The Natural Way to Keep Your Fridge Smelling Sweet.

Isn’t it terrible when your fridge starts to smell like your trash can? Use these simple, natural remedies to make your fridge smell like new again.

You’ll probably have most of these quick fixes just lying around your house! Click here to read on..

Fridge Energy Efficiency Tips.

Now that you have gotten rid of your spare fridge or freezer and are saving a cool $300 per year (and if you haven’t click here), there are a few simple steps to keep your main fridge running efficiently. The more efficient your fridge is, the more money you’ll save. Click here to read on..