Terms and Conditions

To receive your free spare fridge or freezer removal and $25 rebate payment (if eligible), complete and comply with the terms set out in this form and hand it to the removalist collecting your fridge or freezer (“the appliance”). The things you should know about the Fridge Buyback Program are:

  1. Fridge Buyback is currently only available in selected areas of metropolitan Sydney, the Illawarra, the Shoalhaven, the Central Coast, the Blue Mountains and the Hunter.
  2. By signing this form you warrant that:
    a) the information you provided on this form is accurate.
    b) the appliance you are transferring to Fridge Buyback is your property or you are authorised by the owner of the fridge to transfer it as their agent.
    c) you have completed this form in relation to a residential property in NSW and met the NSW Energy Saving Scheme requirements outlined below.
    d) you have emptied, unplugged and defrosted the appliance, drained any water from inside the appliance and in any drip trays below the appliance and provided safe access to the authorised person collecting the appliance.
    e) it is your responsibility to make the appliance accessible for the removalists to collect. If the removalists cannot access the appliance, a rebooking can be made but no rebate payment can be paid.
    f) you acknowledge that, at their discretion, the authorised person collecting the appliance may decline to collect the appliance if they feel that conditions are unsafe, that removal may cause damage to property, that removal is infeasible or that the appliance is ineligible for the Fridge Buyback Program. In such a situation, you will not be eligible for the rebate payment and Fridge Buyback is under no obligation to remove the appliance.
    g) if leaving the appliance outside for collection in your absence, you are leaving the appliance wholly within the boundaries of your property and you have made the fridge/freezer safe so that no child can get inside by either removing the doors or using industrial-grade tape or rope to secure the appliance doors shut.
    h) you acknowledge that Fridge Buyback does not assume any responsibility for theft of appliances left outside for collection.
    i) you agree to the conditions set out in this form.
  3. Fridge Buyback will pay a rebate to qualifying participants where the removal involves 6 (six) or fewer interior and exterior stairs.  If the removalists have to transport the appliance up and/or down between 7 (seven) and 20 (twenty) interior and exterior stairs to get the appliance to their truck, Fridge Buyback will collect the appliance free of charge but no rebate payment will be made.  Appliance removals involving 21 (twenty-one) or more stairs will not involve a payment and will incur a fee which will be negotiated directly with the removalists prior to collection.
  4. Upon Fridge Buyback having:   (a) received confirmation from the removalist that your appliance has been collected;   (b) received the completed paperwork from the removalist, including a copy of this form completed and signed by you; and   (c) processed such paperwork, Fridge Buyback will then pay the rebate by cheque made out to the person whose name appears at the end of this form.  This should not take longer than three weeks.
  5. Limit of Liability: You agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Fridge Buyback (including its officers, employees, agents, contractors and volunteers) shall not be liable for any property damage or personal injury arising out of the collection of the appliance other than in the event of gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of Fridge Buyback.
  6. Privacy Notice: Fridge Buyback is collecting personal information about you, including your name, address, and contact details for the purpose of administering the Fridge Buyback program.  In addition, by signing this form you will be agreeing that we may pass your name and address on to the NSW Government for the purpose of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.  Your details will not be provided to any other party for marketing or other purposes, unless required by law.  Fridge Buyback is committed to safeguarding and protecting the privacy of your personal information, and adheres to the Australian National Privacy Principles.  For more details see www.privacy.gov.au.

The Fridge Buyback Program is operated by Next Energy Pty Ltd trading as Fridge Buyback (ABN 91 080 004 646), Suite 5 -21 Sydney Road, Manly, NSW 2095  Tel 02 8966 9888.